Swimming, 4th August 2021

Whilst the lifeguards told me the water was still at 30.2°C today, it definitely felt cooler in the pool than it has done for the last two weeks which was a huge relief.

It really showed, too. My 50m times were so much quicker than they have been, and I managed to complete the full set for the first time since the pool became too hot. I think I can do a little better because I messed up a couple of turns mistakenly thinking someone was on the wall as I came in, but for the moment this is my best performance ever.

Unfortunately as we were a little late getting to the pool there wasn’t much time left for 25m reps. I feel as though I’m struggling to improve with these. I know I can go faster, but perhaps attempting them after a set of 50s doesn’t really help. If the pool sessions were longer I could take a longer rest interval which might improve things. I could also work on reducing the interval between my 50m reps, but whilst I seem to be improving with those I’m slightly reluctant to do so. I guess I ought to though. With the new watch I can time intervals more accurately than going off the pool pace clock which does give me the opportunity to reduce the interval in smaller increments, potentially making it easier to do.

(50m) 42.19, 42.40, 41.77, 42.04, 43.81, 42.11, 42.90, 43.02, 43.13, 42.42, 42.59, 42.76, 42.71, 42.84, 42.66, 43.30, 43.28, 42.52, 42.30, 41.67

(25m) untimed, 19.48, 18.87, 19.23, 18.53, 18.97

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