Swimming, 23rd July 2021

It could be time to take the rubber ducks and bubble bath to the pool 🙂

Another warm day, another slog through the set, though mostly it wasn’t quite as bad as yesterday speed-wise, though I had to skip a 50m rep and then messed up timing the next one. I’m going to need a way to manage that better I think.

Anyhow, the times were:

45.12, 44.86, 43.18, 44.50, 44.37, 44.24, 44.81, 44.15, 43.64, 44.24, 45.13, 44.35, 44.73, 45.53, 44.83, 44.36, 46.07, skip, not timed, 47.10

I clearly was getting very tired towards the end. The 25m reps were also an improvement on yesterday:

19.81, 19.52, 19.51, 19.58, 19.50, 19.61, 19.69, 18.49

At least there was nothing over 20 seconds today 🙂 Hardly impressive though. Perhaps they can get the pool sorted by next week. I think there must be something wrong with the heating. One of the life guards told me that at one point it was 50°C on poolside earlier in the week 🙁

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