Swimming, 22nd July 2021

No improvement in the pool temperature yet, and another slog through the session just trying to do the reps somehow. It wasn’t pleasant, and my pace was well off what I was swimming only a few days ago.

Now, of course, I have the records of the actual times, so my 50m reps were:

44.18, 45.42, 45.23, 44.05, 45.24, 45.01, 45.03, 45.81, 45.52, 45.18, 45.58, 45.61, 45.83, 45.87, 45.61, 46.30, 46.39, 45.81, 45.96, 44.57

And for 25m:

18.90, 19.66, 19.80, 30.31, 19.88, 20.24, 18.83, 20.25, 19.41, 19.56

at which point I ran out of time. I just couldn’t go any faster though, and I was completely exhausted by the end of the session 🙁 It’s shocking how much difference it makes when the water is just two or three degrees warmer than usual.

The new timer is taking a while to get the hang of, just remembering to press the button at the right time, and remembering that I have pressed the button the right number of times. The sequence goes: press once to start, once to stop (the watch shows the rep time then), once to see the rest interval time, once to zero the stopwatch when the rest interval is over, and back to the beginning. I think it might actually be easier to do the last press a few seconds before the end of the rest interval so it’s possible to check that it has reset to zero before starting the next rep. I’ll give that a try next time.

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