Swimming, 20th August 2021

The fast lane was very busy today with seven people for most of the session and a few times I couldn’t turn or was held up by a slower swimmer. For once though it didn’t really seem to affect me that much and I swam my fastest set of 50m reps ever and was only two hundredths of a second off my fastest 25m average (from yesterday!). I did have to skip one 50m rep though. I was gasping a bit and because a queue of swimmers came through there wasn’t anywhere convenient for me to start on time anyhow.

(50m) 42.19, 41.54, 41.44, 41.41, 41.56, 41.57, 41.56, 43.08, 44.56, 43.28, 42.86, 41.56, 43.09, 41.93, 42.50, skipped, 40.61, 41.73, 43.22, 41.78

(25m) 17.89, no time, 18.50, 19.05, 18.41, 18.68, 18.75, 19.16, 18.52, 18.83

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