Swimming, 19th August 2021

Today turned into a bit of a rush for no obvious good reason, but once into the pool it was at least fairly quiet. I felt as though I did fairly well today too, though I ended up having to skip a couple of 50m reps because I hadn’t recovered enough to even be able to start swimming again. I ran out of time for any more than eight 25m reps, but the first was at least one of my fastest times ever so I can’t be disappointed.

(50m) 43.81, 42.57, 43.59, 42.77, 42.72, 42.45, 43.00, 43.50, 43.80, skipped, 41.31, 42.75, 42.37, 42.63, 42.05, 42.58, 42.63, skipped, 41.75, 42.52

(25m) 17.67, 18.85, 18.82, 18.62, 18.50, 18.86, 18.63, 18.98

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