Swimming, 28th May 2021

For the first time that I can recall there were five people (including myself) in the fast lane today, but the difference between the fastest and slowest was probably ten seconds per 50m which made for a bit of a scrappy session trying to avoid the slower swimmers. I put in five or six 42 second 50m reps though, and mostly hit 43s for the rest though I did have a few 44s when I didn’t get a clear swim. I’m not going to complain about that. I feel it’s at least comparable with yesterday’s performance.

All of my 25m reps were in the 18s with the exception of one which I swam in 17.80s which was so pleasing. I think I’ve only ever swum a sub 18 second 25m freestyle once before, though I can’t actually find any reference to it at the moment so it may be that I imagined that.

All in all a good end to the week. It looks as though I might have an extended rest period this weekend too, as there are no lane-swimming sessions on Monday and none other than very early morning on Tuesday. Even from Wednesday on they’re at really awkward times, so we’ll have to see how many I can make.

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