No dig diary, 28th May 2021

We’re still eating the lettuces that are growing in the polytunnel, but I’ve had to remove the Webbs Wonderful as they ran straight to seed. I think given that the ones I planted last Autumn rotted inside over the winter and that these didn’t ever reach the point where they could be eaten, perhaps this variety just isn’t suitable for growing under cover.

The rest won’t last too much longer though, so I’ve now sown another batch in modules, several seeds to a cell that I’ll thin to a single plant once they’ve germinated. I’ve done five cells of each variety — Lollo Rossa, Webbs Wonderful, Rouge Grenobloise, Reine des Glaces, Red Little Gem, Multigreen 3 and some mixed seeds that I had left over from next year, and done the same with Rocket. They will go outdoors when they’re ready and hopefully they’ll be ready in time to take over from the polytunnel lettuces when they’re finished.

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