Swimming, 15th April 2021

The initial post-lockdown frenzy appears to have died down already. There were only five people at the pool for my session today and one of those left after no more than thirty minutes. To be fair, the water was genuinely quite cold compared with most pools. The duty manager said it was 27C, which is competition temperature, not “adults having a gentle swim” temperature.

Anyhow, same sort of thing as earlier in the week, but generally less horrible to do 🙂 I can’t swim tomorrow, so next week I shall start setting proper targets and initially work on reducing the recovery time. It would help though if the pace clocks were both working. At the end of last year they were out of sync with each other, seemingly by random amounts each day. I don’t know what’s been done since then, but one of the clocks now has no hand at all so it’s completely useless, which is not altogether handy when it’s almost impossible to see the other clock from the deep end of the pool.

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