Trailure Failure

It is alleged that there is an ancient Chinese curse that translates as “May you live in interesting times”. On Wednesday, I certainly had “interesting times” 🙂

My father-in-law had asked me to help him take his old freezer to the local tip, so we put it in his trailer along with a few other things that needed disposing of and off we went. On the way home I got him to stop at a local sawmill to get a load of woodchip to finish off the paths around the veggie plot. They dumped a large bucket load of chipped wood into the trailer, at which point I noticed this:

The tyre had completely deflated 🙁 We pumped it back up and it promptly deflated again. Fortunately there’s a spare, but we didn’t have suitable tools to change it. So, we left the trailer at the sawmill, came home and had some lunch, collected the tools together and went back. The swap was simple enough, but I noticed the tailgate wasn’t quite hanging properly. Never mind, we’ll check it out when we get home.

When we got home, the side of the trailer looked like this:

The frame rail on that side of the trailer has snapped 🙁 Good job we’d only had to travel a couple of miles to get home!

I’ve spent the rest of the afternoon shovelling out the woodchip and getting more of the paths laid to empty the trailer so we can strip it down and repair it.

I have actually been saying that the trailer needed a good looking at for a couple of years because I wasn’t completely happy with it. It’s only a few years younger than me and I don’t think it’s had much attention in the last twenty. I think we could be looking at a major rebuild…

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