No dig diary, 13th April 2021

On the basis that one should always yield to temptation as it may not pass one’s way again, I stopped off on the way back from swimming this afternoon and bought a second packet of sweetcorn seeds. I’ve just been out to the greenhouse and sown enough to bring the total up to probably far more than I could ever hope to have space for, so as long as they germinate. In fact I could have 25% fail and still have enough, likely as not. At least I won’t be moping about in September wishing I’d planted more sweetcorn, anyhow 😀 Perhaps if I get too many I’ll just plant a block somewhere out of the way and leave them for the birds to take, though maybe it’s not entirely wise to encourage them to feed on plants I want to grow for our own food.

I’ve been saving up sprout and other brassica stalks until I had enough to make it worth firing up the shredder and feeding them through so they compost more easily. Today was that day. It’s amazing how an entire wheelbarrow full of stalks can be reduced to a mere couple of inches of material in the bottom of a bucket.

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