What do you get if you cross shoes with wellies?

It is my habit whilst out in the veggie plot doing jobs that present no risk to my feet to wear a pair of “rubber” garden clogs (like Crocs I guess, but not, and without the holes). In part this is due to laziness. Most of the time, as my daughter puts it, I wear “invisible socks” (like the emperor’s new clothes, if you get my drift), but I don’t like to wear boots without socks, so a pair of clogs I can just stick my feet into to go outside is an easy solution. Much of the time this is great, but if the ground is a bit (or even a lot) slippery as it has been for most of the last three months the relatively smooth soles of the clogs make them lethal. Had I more gymnastic ability I could probably represent the country at mud-skating by now.

There are clogs that look like they might do a better job, but they all seem to be about £60 a pair and I’m not that lazy! This week however I found a possible alternative: welly shoes! I had no idea they even existed, but they’re just like standard wellies that have been cut down to the shape of a slip-on shoe, so they have nice deep treads on the sole. They weren’t expensive so I ordered a pair to try out. And if Sod’s Law should mean that my purpose ensures there is almost no rain to speak of for the next six months, I certainly won’t be shedding any tears over that.

Once they arrived I found them comfortable to wear though a little more chilly than my clogs, perhaps because due to being solid “rubber” rather than some sort of aerated material. I might try an insole with them to see if that helps. They also require a hand or shoehorn to get them on, though that might just be until they’ve worn in a bit. First impressions are pleasing though, and I look forward to not going base over apex on trips out to the compost bins or to collect eggs from the chickens any more.

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