Veg plot 2021: Yet more compost…

Yesterday I finished spreading out the compost that I’d trailered into the veg plot earlier in the week. I only just realised that the beds I spread it on are at opposite corners. Couldn’t make things more awkward 🙂

It’s a surprise to see how much “stuff” has ended up on top of the beds to the right in the second photo. There’s been no planting there as yet. Everything making those beds look “messy” is leaves (and probably an awful lot of sycamore seeds) that have fallen in the last month or so.

I think there’s going to be a bit of a delay in compost-spreading now. I want to get the beds in the polytunnel done next, but I’m a bit stuck there as although they lost a few leaves a while back the pepper plants are showing absolutely no sign yet of properly going dormant and I need to be able to move them before I can create the next bed.

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