Swimming, 3rd December 2020

Back to the pool after another enforced lay-off due to Covid restrictions, and I have to admit that it was tough. Not as bad as it was last time, exactly four months ago, but far from easy.

I think I need a week or so just to allow my body to get over the shock so I wasn’t really pushing to achieve times or anything like that today. I did however keep the form of the sets I was swimming before Lockdown Mark 2, so I swam twenty fifties followed by however many twenty-fives I could manage in the rest of the session.

The fifties went relatively well considering the circumstances, though I skipped one at around halfway because there were swimmers in the way when I wanted to leave the wall and I started with an interval of 90s. My times were around fifty to fifty-one seconds for all but the last couple. I even managed a forty-nine, but I suspect that was thanks to a tow from a teenage girl who passed me just before the turn. My lats were aching well before the twenty were up though. That’s not something that happens too often…

The twenty-fives I did with an interval of 60s and managed ten before the end of the session.

I’ve booked to go back tomorrow, but I’ll have to see how I feel in the morning. I was absolutely exhausted when I got home and in the end had to go and crash out for an hour or so because I was falling asleep at my desk!

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