Swimming, 23rd December 2020

Thanks to other things that needed sorting out I didn’t swim in my usual post-lunch slot today, but a few hours later at 5:30pm. It felt quite odd, not just turning up at the pool in the dark, but swimming at a different time relative to when I last ate.

I swam the same set as yesterday and whilst I felt a bit tired at first it actually went quite well. In the 50m set I was mostly in the 48s, with a few 47s and even on 46s rep, though sadly I did drop into the 49s a couple of times. No failures though, so I was happy with that. Neither can I complain about the 25m set, where I racked up quite a few 19s reps with all the others at 20s, and I even managed fourteen reps before the clock ran down on the session, for the first time since the most recent lockdown.

Fortunately it looks like I’ll continue to be able to swim after Christmas despite the changes to the rules. For how long I don’t know though. I have a feeling it won’t be long before even tighter restrictions are brought in.

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