Swimming, 22nd December 2020

I wasn’t able to get to the pool yesterday, so today was my first swim of the week. I stuck with the same set as last Thursday and Friday. I didn’t really feel on top of my game — for some reason I felt a bit tired, but actually I managed to keep most of the 50m reps at 48s, with a few 47s and I think three that dropped to 49s, though two of those were when I caught up with other people.

The 25m set was pretty consistent too, with all but one rep on 20s, that one being 19s. I’d really like to see a few more at 19s, but I’m sure that will come. In total I managed twelve reps before running out of time. Again I’d really like to see more, but as the interval time comes down for the 50m reps then that should be easier.

I’d really like to get at least one more swim in before Christmas as there’s no telling what is going to happen afterwards thanks to our new viral overlords, but I don’t have a car for some of tomorrow and ideally I need to be here on Thursday, so we’ll have to see how things work out.

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