Bindweed horrors!

I meant to post this the other day after I completed the no dig conversion of the polytunnel. Early last year my father-in-law planted some early carrots and lettuce in the last wooden-sided bed to be removed, but it ended up being ignored, got forgotten about and became heavily overgrown. I cleared it relatively superficially when I transplanted my excess winter salads into the bed a few months back and have weeded it since, but it’s had little more attention than that.

As I was removing the bed completely, the soil it contained obviously also had to come out and whilst shovelling that out I found a little bit of bindweed. So I dug it out. And found a bit more, so I dug it out. And found a bit more… In the end I think I must have dug up the entire 6’x4′ bed hunting down as much of the roots as possible. This is what I’ve ended up with…

Hopefully that’s most of it and whatever will surely come back next year can be easily controlled. The roots I’ve pulled out will go on the compost, but I think I’m going to leave them to dry out and possibly get hit by a few frosts first.

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