And here’s my turned compost

The cardboard on top is what’s left of the stuff that was stopping everything falling out of the front of each of the bins. I thought I’d just leave it there to break down.

I don’t think it looks too bad given that I’ve been trying to stuff every viable piece of organic plant waste into them this year and I wasn’t sure I’d really got enough brown material in. However, mixing grass clippings with cardboard seems to have worked reasonably well. There were a few clumps of grass still identifiable and a small amount of cardboard too, but most of both had broken down and disappeared. The bin we were still filling only a few weeks ago was even still warm and producing clouds of vapour when disturbed.

Now I just need to persuade people to stop putting plant labels, secateurs, polypropylene string, lumps of fence post, foil seed packets and crocks from plant pots into it…

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