Veg plot 2020, #39

I’ve been toying with the idea of trying to coax some of my pepper plants through the winter since they are perennials after all. However, a bit of a niggle has struck me.

I assume that they’ll show little sign of life before late March and probably more likely into April, by which time it’s rather late to be sowing replacements if it turns out they didn’t make the trip. I do normally like to get my peppers (and tomatoes) out of the starting blocks in mid January though perhaps I need to be rather more circumspect about that now. This year we had some exceptionally late (mid April) frosts that killed off a lot of my father-in-law’s tomatoes not long after he’d planted them out in the polytunnel. Over the previous few years we hardly even had frosts in January and February. Perhaps sowing in several batches might be a good plan, so replacements are already growing in the event that the first ones do get hit. Or I could insulate the greenhouse with some bubble wrap and get them into larger pots in there before they go into the polytunnel a bit later on.

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