Veg plot 2020, #38

[9th September]

The seedlings in the greenhouse are going great guns now. Loads more of the onions have come up, and the chervil and coriander are also coming to life. Possibly one or two of the lettuces, too, though they could just be odd weed seeds that have got into the compost. Despite being in the greenhouse the onions have developed an obvious “lean” towards the sunny side — a sign I guess that light levels are already dropping and the Sun is lower in the sky. Every warm outdoor surface seems to be covered in flies at the moment as they try to take advantage of the last of the summer’s warmth. There are hundreds upon hundreds of them though, which is not pleasant if you walk past and disturb them without realising they’re there 🙁

We’re having fajitas for dinner tonight, made with a mixture of sweet peppers from the polytunnel — green, creamy-yellow and purple so dark it’s almost black. I noticed one of the green ones was starting to turn yellow, so we’ve left that on the plant to see how far it will ripen.

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