Veg plot 2020, #37

[7th September]

I think I’ve posted before that growing plants from seed is the nearest thing there is to real magic. I nipped out to the greenhouse this lunchtime to find a few more spinach and chard seedlings had sprouted, but also the first two onion seedlings had appeared as well, so small that it wasn’t even possible to tell that their “folded over” shoot was actually folded over. I’ve just been out again and all of a sudden there are dozens of them! Very pleased about that, I have to admit.

A quick stroll through the polytunnel and around what is now a rather bare-looking veggie plot suggests that the butternut squash plants are not long for this world. The leaves are definitely starting to turn a more yellowy green. I reckon it will probably be harvest time before the month is out. Still a handful of fruit left on the courgette plants though. They’ve been really good value this year. The comics are saying that September is going to warm up considerably with temperatures reaching 25C and possibly lasting into October. I’m disinclined to give them much credence, but if it does happen perhaps we’ll see the courgettes keep going even longer.

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