Swimming, 29th September 2020

Had a narrow escape on the way to the pool today. I’d just emerged from the road I use to get around the closed bridge as a six-axle container truck passed me turning into it going the other way. That must have been a nightmare if anyone got caught as there really isn’t space for that kind of vehicle. What would happen if it met something similar coming the other way I can’t imagine.

Anyhow, I got to the pool on time for a change and managed to push myself to twenty-seven reps before needing to skip one, and at a higher pace than yesterday. Admittedly my twenty-seventh rep was hideously ragged, but they all count 🙂 I managed another six reps after that to get me to the end of the session without having to skip any more. I am slightly developing the sensation that I’m sitting on a bomb in that I will turn up one day and it will all go horribly wrong, but I’ll just keep plugging away at it.

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