Swimming, 1st October 2020

We had to stand outside the sports centre and wait until the posted start time of the session to be let in today. They’ve changed the arrangements slightly because they weren’t getting enough time to clean between sessions. I’m glad it wasn’t raining — perhaps the only time today that it hasn’t been. It does mean a couple of minutes lost at the start of the session whilst we get through reception and into the pool area though. Hey ho.

I was sharing the fast lane today with someone in his late teens I’d guess. No-one else turned up so he suggested taking a line line each and sticking to it rather than circulating up one and down the other. That didn’t bother me and in fact I discovered it’s very much easier to hit the wall in the tumble turn and push off down the same lane line again than it is to try to switch sides in the process. Because I’ve been doing it since the pool reopened I hadn’t really noticed how awkward it is to come off the wall at an angle to change sides.

Anyhow, I managed twenty-eight reps today before having to skip one, pretty much at the same pace as Tuesday except for a couple where I lost the plot a bit. On one rep I think I drifted off mentally a bit and didn’t realise the wall was coming until I got there, so messed up the turn. After the one skipped rep though it was quite easy to swim to the end of the session without another. I was absolutely shattered afterwards. Probably a good job that driving is done sitting down, as I’m not sure I’d have managed to stand up for any distance 😀

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