Swimming, 28th September 2020

Getting to the pool today was a bit frantic. I ended up leaving at pretty much the last possible moment and then got stuck in traffic waiting for a chap to negotiate his container lorry around some narrow twisty bends. I dread to think what it was like when he got to the village I’d just left, which is all tight bends and narrow streets. I bet the residents are getting quite miffed at the number of very large vehicles passing through at the moment.

Anyhow, I was only a couple of minutes late and in fact was the second person in the pool. At most I think there were four of us for the whole session. I continued with my set from last week and managed twenty-five reps before having to skip one — five better than Friday! From there I managed to swim the session out without needing to skip any more, though my last couple were really quite ragged. I’m very pleased to have made such an improvement in one go, and it’s almost double what I managed before needing to skip one the first time I did this particular set eleven days ago. I hope I can keep it up next time.

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