Swimming, 22nd September 2020

Didn’t manage to get to the pool yesterday because I had so much other stuff going on and today was quite odd in its own way. I took my usual cut-through to avoid the closed bridge to discover after half a mile or so that police were directing traffic and part of a tree had fallen across the road. Fortunately it wasn’t blocked completely. It looked as though someone had tried to take a large lorry down the road and hit the tree. Completely ridiculous really. It’s totally unsuitable for that kind of vehicle.

Once I managed to get to the pool I discovered my arms felt very tired, but I pushed on regardless and whilst my reps were a little slower than usual I did manage to complete sixteen before had to skip one and then had to skip another after twenty-nine, but that was enough to allow me to finish the session so I’m quite pleased with the performance overall — two more reps than last time before I had to skip one, and skipping one fewer overall.

No swimming tomorrow, and Thursday is all a bit up in the air at the moment. I have a somewhat garbled email from the sports centre operator that seems to be saying they’re legally required to do the test and trace thing with the NHS app and that everyone will be required to use it, but when I try to find the app there appears to be a suggestion that it’s still in beta test and some sort of activation code is required. I thought it was only restaurants and the like that were legally required to do the contact tracing stuff as of Thursday, too. Best I try to remember my phone when I go, anyhow. Living and working somewhere there’s no mobile coverage I rarely remember to take it with me when I go out.

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