Veg plot 2020, #43

[23rd September]

Boy, is it cold out there today! I’m sure 12.5C doesn’t usually feel that cold, but it certainly wasn’t shorts and t-shirt weather outside.

I just nipped out to check on the seedlings (all doing well and the mustards are starting to come up already) and to water the compost I have spread for the new beds. It was so dry, I think thanks to the limited residual moisture when it was delivered and the fact that it was still active at the time, and because it has been under tarps since. The first time I watered it the water was just running off the top. A few days in it is starting to absorb the moisture nicely. Just as well as I’d like to be able to plant out most of my onion seedlings this weekend if the weather allows, and I’ve today received notification that my garlic order has shipped, two weeks later than planned, so that will need to go out soon as well.

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