Swimming, 2nd October 2020

Bonkers trip to the pool today. Driving through one of the local villages I discovered the road blocked by a Polish articulated lorry. I think the driver had stopped to try to find someone who could give him directions. I’d left a bit early so I could check if the bridge was still closed as there was a lot of traffic coming from that direction yesterday. It was still closed, so I headed for my usual route around it which turned out to have so much traffic heading in both directions that it was almost gridlocked 🙁 Mostly it’s about a car and a half wide, perhaps a tiny bit more, with very few passing places. I was stuck there for fifteen minutes whilst cars shuffled back and forth to allow one to pass at a time and eventually arrived at the pool a minute or two late. And a little further down this road there were signs up saying that they’re closing this road for two weeks from mid October. The obvious alternative is about eight miles down similar roads, so I’m going to have to start looking very closely at the maps to see if there’s anything better 🙁

The fast lane in the pool was busier than usual. There seemed to be quite a few triathlon types out to play. It appeared to work for me however, as I managed twenty-nine reps before having to skip one, and at a higher pace than I managed for twenty-eight yesterday. After that it was a relatively easy few more reps to the end of the session. I was a complete puddle of jelly when I finished though. My arms and legs were shaking badly and I had to just sit in the car for five minutes to recover before driving off. I think I can fairly say that I pushed myself as hard as was possible today 🙂

On the way home I had a fantastic view across the Vale of Taunton Deane. The cloud base was so low (barely scraping 120m and I was at about 100m) and so flat that it looked as though someone had put a lid on the world. Unfortunately there wasn’t really anywhere safe to stop to take a photo.

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