Apples, apples, everywhere…

And most of them will be drunk.

I took advantage of the first sunny day for what seems like months a couple of weekends back to get out in the orchard and do something that’s been on my list of things to do for a few weeks: collect as many of the apples as I could that would be suitable for juicing. I ended up with ten sacks — probably somewhere between 150kg and 200kg.

I picked pretty much anything that I thought we’d not eat all of and isn’t a cooking or cider apple (cider apples will be harvested soon) and there’s quite a mix of varieties including Egremont Russet, Tom Putt, Ellison’s Orange, Blenheim Orange, Ashmead’s Kernel, Charles Ross and Braeburn.

Of course this now adds several more jobs to my list as I must now dig out the apple crusher and press and clean them up ready to do the actual juicing.

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