Waning Moon, 19th August 2019

So, a newly-aligned mount and just past full Moon, what’s a chap to do? Well, when the sky gives you moons, make moon images!

I broke out the 127 Mak and 450D and dropped them on top of the HEQ5. It doesn’t really know where the Moon is yet because I don’t have a sufficiently good sky model, but with a little nudging I was on-target and the tracking was certainly ok.

I captured 100 frames of 1/200th at ISO200 for this image, and then had a devil of a job getting them to stack in Registax (after preprocessing with PIPP), which kept locking up during stacking. I gave up and tried stackistry. Whilst that did a mostly good job, it fouled up the limb. AutoStakkert!3 came to my rescue and gave me a stacked image that I pulled into Registax for wavelets and then finished off in Photoshop.

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