Building an observatory. Construction #73

Pace has slowed a little of late, but I’ve kept things moving forward even if I haven’t been doing that much.

Because it gets quite warm inside the observatory when it’s sunny, I installed a 100mm vent in the northern gable and then finished cladding that gable. I’m not sure the single vent will be sufficient, but if it isn’t I’ll probably add one in the southern gable. If that’s still not enough then I think insulating the inside of the roof will be the next step, as most of the heat appears to be coming in through the roof.

The other step forward has been fitting the posts to support the ends of the roof rails where they extend beyond the main structure. This has meant that my bodged-up supports could be removed at last. No bad thing, as one of them kept falling out.

At the same time I also added some sections of aluminium angle to act as stops at the ends of the rails, so the roof can’t roll off the end when it is opened.

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