Building an observatory. Construction #68

Nothing too exciting today. I swept the observatory floor, then hoovered, then hoovered again, and then worked barefoot to get about 80% of the scope room floor sealed with a coat of varnish this evening. It actually went very quickly. I was planning on doing the rest of the scope room and the warm room tomorrow, but I’m half-tempted to give what I’ve done a second coat instead, then lay the tiles for about half the floor (assuming they arrive by Saturday) and seal the rest after that’s done. Whilst more complicated it would allow me to move more stuff out of the house sooner. I’ll see what I think of the first coat tomorrow morning. I might even be able to sneak out during the day and get some done if work goes well.

In other news, carpet tiles for the warm room have arrived, as has a second, used EQ6 pier adapter that happened to come up for sale earlier this week. Seemed too good an opportunity to miss, that. So I didn’t 🙂

I also have some stainless M8 Allen bolts (with washers and nyloc nuts) on order for fixing the pier adapters to the top of the piers and a couple of fixings for the posts to support the ends of the roof rails. I still need the posts, but at least I can out sort out the bases.

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