Swimming, 23rd April 2019

Last trip to the pool with my daughter for the time being as she’s back to school tomorrow. And the first for four days, too. The pool timetable for the Easter weekend was just too messed up to fit in with the other things I wanted to get done.

Anyhow, this was my tenth attempt at my current set:

  • 400m f/c warm-up
  • 24 x 50m f/c, target time 50.5s, turnaround 75s
  • 200m swim down

It was tough. Most reps I was sub 49s, but there were a few 49s as well. By rep eighteen I was starting to feel it and reached the point of trying to survive as many more as possible, but nineteen was good and then twenty and I started to believe I could actually do it. After twenty-one was ok I was determined to push through to the end. Twenty-two and twenty-three went ok, but by that time I was breathing very heavily. I started the final rep determined to push as hard as I could on the second length just to make it back in time, which I’m pleased to say I did, in 47s. It’s been a hard set, this one.

So, the target falls and another replaces it. 50s for next time.

When I make the 50s set I’m tempted to slightly change things again, perhaps dropping to 20 reps in the set and adding a second set of 25m reps at a faster pace. But let’s worry about the next one first 🙂

USRPT distance this year: 102,350m
Total distance this year: 104,900m

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