Building an observatory. Construction #61

Today I had a bit of a tidy up to clear away tools and materials that I probably don’t need in the near future, another trip round with the hoover and sealed all the joins between the ply in the warm room (no point insulating it if cold air can still get in).  I also removed and numbered all the sections of aluminium for the lighting.

After that I went for a swim with my daughter during which time my wife found me some tins of paint to investigate.  One was white, but there won’t be enough of that to do more than one wall in all likelihood, but the other two tins were “Lavender Cupcake”, whatever one of those is.  I’d call it a sort of pale pinky-purple myself 🙂 In boring conformity with common practice I decided to use those to do the walls and the white for the ceiling.  I started with the walls and I have to admit that I wasn’t entirely sure about the colour to start with, but actually now it has dried a bit the paint does go quite well with the “Galaxy Blue” of the scope room.  Having completed the walls I decided I’d call it a day and try to get the ceiling done tomorrow if time allows.  I’ve got a few other jobs that must get done first, but if there’s time to do the ceiling and for the paint to go off a bit then I can fit all the lighting.

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