Building an observatory. Construction #60

More progress today, though I was slowed a little by having to share resources with my father-in-law who was making some new doors for the polytunnel.

First up was finishing off the last pier which was pretty straightforward.  Then I started lining the warm room ceiling during which time the aluminium section for the lighting arrived which meant I could actually get it all in place and complete the ceiling.  Even without a door (and with the roof rolled back) the warm room was getting a bit sweaty compared with the scope room, so it looks as though the insulation has some effect.

Just before 7pm I was thinking I was all done as I was given my “15 minutes to dinner” warning when I realised there was a small section behind the internal door lining that I’d missed.  There wasn’t time to do that, so it will have to wait for tomorrow.

My wife said she’d sort out some paint that we no longer need so I can see if there’s any I want to use for the warm room.  It might mean that not all the walls are the same colour though 🙂

After that I’m probably going to have to play things by ear a bit.  The weather looks to be taking a bit of a downturn into the weekend.

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