Building an observatory. Construction #37

This weekend was grey and dreary and after a couple of hours of horizontal rain on Sunday I wasn’t really keen to go out and do much work on the observatory, especially as I really wanted the roof open so I could see what I was doing. Eventually however I found a little enthusiasm and sat in the semi-darkness (without rolling off the roof) measuring up for the first sheet of flooring. With one eye on the sky I hurried to get a sheet of my 18mm ply cut to size and having shifted all the tools back under cover took the sheet down to the observatory and dropped it into place, to relief and pleasure in equal amounts when I found that it dropped over the first block of the pier very nicely.

All of which reminds me that I’ve not given much detail of the piers recently, nor the ducting for cables. I’ll do that another time as I need to fit more ducting anyhow.

Meantime, a photo of the first part of the floor to go in. I have no idea how the leaf managed to get there…

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