Building an observatory. Construction #28

With the roof keeping the rain off the top, I need to stop it getting in the sides as well before I can think about putting down the floor (and there are a couple of other things besides that need sorting before I can do that, too).

Fortunately most of the wall area was easy to deal with, just wrapping it in breathable membrane. I started this quite late in the afternoon and ended up working until daylight failed, as seems to be the case quite regularly now. It was so dark that my camera couldn’t find anything to autofocus on for this picture 🙂

I’ve boarded the sides of the roof with 9mm ply and then covered those with membrane as well. If you look at the area of the photo showing the inside of the roof in this photo you’ll see what the weather was like at the time 🙁

Feather-edge boarding has also arrived for cladding the walls. I chose feather-edge because it suits the rural setting and matches the beer shack immediately next to it. I’m not sure when I’ll get this started. Closing off the gables is really the next priority.

Finally, a couple of photos showing the inside now it’s starting to look a bit more like a building…

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