Building an observatory. Construction #29

Despite a whole day working on the observatory I don’t feel as though I’ve achieved much today. The days are getting so much shorter however. I came in for lunch today and realised that by the time we’d finished eating there were really only two and a half hours of daylight left 🙁

Anyhow, the gables are now my priority because once those are closed off the structure should be rainproof as long as I stand something in front of the door. I started today by cutting OSB to fit the fixed section of the south-west cable (part of the rolling roof) and fitting that into place, covering it with breathable membrane.

That done, I started the construction of the folding section of the wall at the same end. I reached the point of needing one final test for fit, but the Sun was well gone and there just wasn’t enough light left to work by. I’m hoping that I can check the fit tomorrow during the day and then finish the frame off during the evenings this week as fortunately it’s just small enough to fit in the workshop. If I can do that and get it temporarily fixed in place (has to be temporary because I don’t want to fit the hinges until the cladding is all in place), then that should be the south west gable done for now.

The north east gable will need me to get up on the warm room roof to fit. That’s not a big deal, but does require daylight and preferably dry weather too. Hopefully I can get the boarding cut during the week so it’s all ready to go at the weekend assuming the weather plays ball. If I can get that done, or maybe even if I can’t, I should be able to make progress with the trunking for the cabling under the floor, at which point it’s time to give serious thought to getting the floor down.

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