Building an observatory. Construction #18

A moment of truth now, when I try to put everything I’ve constructed piecemeal all together to form the entire roof.

The first job was to take the two sides and get them set up parallel and square to each other. I used bits of spare timber to get everything lined up and some of the blocks that will form my piers to take the weight of the steel.

Then with all the uprights clamped to each other to preserve the spacing I put one of the roof sections on one end. It fitted very nicely, needing very little adjustment to match up.

Fortunately the day was still and clear, so welding outside wasn’t a problem. Once that end was done I moved to the other end and repeated the procedure there with the other roof section.

Then all that was required to complete this stage was to add the three missing horizontal sections in the middle. I also temporarily fitted the wheels to make it easier to move the entire thing around and get it out of the way when I’m not working on it.

The next step will be to add bracing across some of the joins.

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