Swimming, 22nd June 2018

Another technique day. Seriously good job it was, too, as the pool was far busier than usual. I’d never have been able to do my usual USRPT set. Bearing in mind that I was still swimming 50s and not dawdling (in fact I was probably the fastest person in the pool at that time by some margin) and even had a drink bottle on the side of the pool at the shallow end, someone even got in and started swimming up the lane line I was using. Needless to say there was a collision. He then moved around the pool a bit, but towards the end of the session started swimming diagonally across two lane lines (including the one I was using)! I discovered this when he swam over me as I surfaced from my start. I did at one point wonder if he was trying to “bully” me into moving elsewhere.

He got out of the pool whilst I was still changing and commented that they should have put lanes in. It was tempting to suggest that if he couldn’t swim straight then the most likely outcome of having lanes in would be that he’d strangle himself.

USRPT distance this year: 46,150m
Total distance this year: 103,300m

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