Swimming, 20th November 2017

Tonight my daughter and I swam another USRPT set, her on fly, me on front crawl. We didn’t have much time, so my plan was for 200m warm up, 25 x 50m fly/front crawl and then 200m swim down.

Today I managed the entire set, but with a couple of failures. I used my Sportcount “Yellow” stopwatch for timing which worked well, but seeing the pace clock for the turnaround times was awkward. I need a better way to handle that.

Change of calculation for my target for the year from today. I’m now so close that it’s clearer to show how far there is left. Less than 10km to go. Potentially achievable this week depending on how things work out. I shan’t be desperately disappointed if I need another swim next week however.

Total distance for the month: 30,300m
Total distance for this year: 490,500m
Distance compared to annual target: 9,500m remaining

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