Swimming, 29th September 2017

Today’s session didn’t start well as Friday is a short session anyhow and the school using the pool immediately before the public session were late getting out. Given that I wanted to be sure of making 50km for this month I just knuckled down into 8 x 250m front crawl.

Off the wall when swimming front crawl I normally take four strokes and breathe as my left arm recovers after the fourth stroke. After that I’ve been dropping into a pattern of breathing every three strokes. I discovered today that for the time being at least, life is much easier if I take a second breath to the left after the first and then switch to bilateral. I might experiment a bit with this over the next few weeks — trying to take my first breath one stroke earlier, for instance.

Anyhow, target achieved. 2km for the day, over 50km for the fourth month on the trot. Happy enough with that.

Total distance for the month: 50,400m
Total distance for this year: 415,200m
Distance compared to annual target: 40,200m ahead

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