Swimming, 2nd October 2017

It’s Monday, so it must be the tri fitness session. The plan (all front crawl) was:

2 lengths swim
2 lengths catch up
2 lengths kick using a pull-buoy as a float

Then four repeats of
2 lengths pull, breathing every five strokes
2 lengths as half a length doggy paddle, half swim
on 20 second rest intervals

2 x 12 lengths, 30 second rest
2 x 6 lengths, 30 second rest
2 x 4 lengths, 30 second rest
2 x 2 lengths, 30 second rest


6 lengths swim down

I really struggled with the kick. My minimal buoyancy makes it very hard to lift my head out of the water to breathe when only using a pull-buoy as a float. I also found the doggy paddle quite tricky. As a result I didn’t get through the first part as quickly as necessary and had to drop some of the repeats from the second section (and even had to do some of those breathing to one side only). I didn’t even get close to doing walkbacks.

It was an enjoyable session though, and in the end I reckon I covered 2,100m.

Total distance for the month: 2,100m
Total distance for this year: 417,300m
Distance compared to annual target: 40,300m ahead

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