Swimming, 8th September 2017

Now we’re back to the term-time hours, Friday sessions are shorter and that wasn’t helped today by the lifeguard being a bit late opening up.

My arms were shockingly tired today. I think swimming with full bilateral breathing is definitely faster for me, but partly because I’m able to use more power from my arms which is tiring and making greater demands of the muscles, particularly my triceps and lats. Until they accommodate the changes I think it could be a bit tough.

Anyhow, I knuckled down, did a single 250 alternating breathing sides each length and then seven more with bilateral breathing. I could perhaps have sneaked a few more lengths in before the end of the session but by that point I was utterly exhausted, so I called it a day having done 2km.

Amazingly even as I write this, more than seven hours after I got out of the water, I can still feel my back, neck, shoulders and upper arms generating heat.

Total distance for the month: 15,800m
Total distance for this year: 380,600m
Distance compared to annual target: 35,700m ahead

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