Swimming, 7th September 2017

Not too hard to guess what I did today. I was slightly late getting to the pool, but one in the water I pretty much repeated yesterday’s session with only two 250s alternating breathing sides each length and the rest of the first 2km as bilateral breathing in 250s. I followed that with some kick and front crawl 50s to take the distance up to 2.7km before I ran out of time. I was hoping there was time to do a little more, but there was definite tiredness in my arms and I couldn’t push the pace as much as I might have liked to have done.

It’s clear that pretty much all the local schools have gone back, too. It was a very quiet session. I was the only one in the water at both the start and end of my swim.

Total distance for the month: 13,800m
Total distance for this year: 378,600m
Distance compared to annual target: 35,700m ahead

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