Swimming, 28th June 2017

I wasn’t sure I could do another non-stop 1,500m today as I could feel the tiredness in my arms and shoulders even before I got into the pool. I broke it down though, first aiming to get to 500m, then 750m and then 1km. At that point I could see the end of it and though the next 250m was a bit of a struggle, the final ten lengths weren’t too bad at all.

After that I did two more 500m swims, kick, bilateral breathing drills and finished off with 100m front crawl swim with bilateral breathing, much the same as yesterday, for a total distance of 3,200m again.

Again I had the pool to myself for the tail end of the session. It didn’t start that way though. It was quite busy at first and I came very close to taking out a tri swimmer who had drifted over towards me as she came out of a turn 🙁

Good to see that I’m less than 10km behind my target distance at this point of the year now, though I’m not sure I can swim on Friday so the figure might rise again. Another 3.1km tomorrow would see me to 250km for the first six months of the year, but who knows how I’ll feel by then?

Total distance for the month: 51,900m
Total distance for this year: 246,900m
Distance compared to annual target: 9,100m under

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