Swimming, 29th June 2017

Last swim of the month, and of the first half of the year, thanks to spending much of 30th travelling.

I’ve been unable to let this 1,500m thing go this week for some reason. No idea why. Perhaps just because I’ve got it into my head that sixty lengths non-stop is actually quite achievable. Anyhow, despite tiredness in my arms and shoulders I just had to give it another crack. And well worth the effort it was, coming in at under 28 minutes for the distance despite very slow and lazy open turns. Once I get the bilateral breathing sorted and can pick the time for my last breath going into the tumble turn then I reckon I could take anything up to five minutes off that. As for the rest of this week, I finished off with some kick and bilateral breathing practice, for a total of 3,200m.

Very pleased to make 55km for the month, and to reach halfway to my target after six months. I should probably redo my “distance under” measurement based on the six month figure now, rather than on the basis of “10km a week for 50 weeks” as I’ve done so far.

Total distance for the month: 55,100m
Total distance for this year: 250,100m
Distance compared to annual target: 7,900m under

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