Aqua Sphere Maddox Jammers, first impressions

I bought a pair of these last week in a sale for the ridiculously cheap price of £7.99, as much out of curiosity as anything else — I needed some new pairs of jammers and I’d already bought a couple of Jaked pairs at a discount so I thought I’d try these to see how they were.

I swam in them for the first time today and to be honest there’s really not a huge amount to say. They do the job. Compared with the Jaked ones and my cheap Arena ones the fit seemed very snug with little give in the fabric. Possibly that’s because (as I didn’t immediately realise) they’re fully lined. I also found them tighter than was initially comfortable around the bottom of the leg, though that possibly wouldn’t be an issue for someone a little less “shapely of leg” than myself. (Oh, on which subject I should write a piece about the annual “trying on of the new shorts” ceremony that I had to go through this evening.) Anyhow, once I got swimming the tightness really wasn’t a problem, but when I peeled them off after my swim there were slight compression marks on my skin where the bottom seams had been.

For £7.99 they’re ok. If I’d paid full price (£28.99 is the RRP I believe) then I’d probably not be too impressed. The Jaked jammers were less than £15 (reduced from a similar RRP) and I think I prefer them, but I’ll give that more consideration next time I swim in them.

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