Swimming, 7th June 2017

There was a temptation today to have another go at swimming 3km, but after swimming a few lengths to warm up I could still feel the tiredness in my arms from the previous two days and I just knew it wasn’t going to happen. No big deal really though as I’d come prepared to repeat my last Swimfit session:

20 lengths front crawl
1 minute rest
6 x 1 length front crawl, 20 seconds rest
6 minutes front crawl, alternating slow/fast lengths
rest until breathing returns to normal
same number of lengths as previous set, but faster, 15 seconds rest after each length
3 minutes breaststroke, alternating slow/fast lengths
1 minute rest
6 lengths easy front crawl

After the recovery/sprint lengths I was fairly exhausted. I think it may have been easier to try for the 3km 🙂 I made the distance up to 2,500m with fairly easy front crawl and some front crawl kick practising breathing to the right, taking me right to the very last seconds of the session.

Total distance for the month: 8,500m
Total distance for this year: 203,500m
Distance compared to annual target: 22,500m under

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