The joy of supporting filter wheels

I’m working on support for filter wheels for oaCapture at the moment.  I’ve had a few hardware niggles that I’ll document separately, but just getting the code right is proving something of a struggle.  Every time I make a change somewhere I think of some knock-on effect somewhere else that needs handling.  The multiple layers of indirection from a list of possible filters to their possible inclusion in a filter wheel and in what position and then the selection of those filters as part of a capture sequence is a bit mind-bending to say the least…

I hope I’m now most of the way through it.  I do have (largely untested) code that will run sequences of captures selecting filters in turn from a list between each, so now I need to test it and do some of the remaining tidying up though I think some of the advanced stuff can wait for another release.

On the subject of releases, I did want to make this release available with a full build system for making .rpm and .deb files, but I don’t think that’s going to happen as I’d really like to get something out some time around the end of the month.  Even whilst I’ve been writing this piece I’ve thought of one more item for “future development” and another to be done before the release goes out.

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