Mounting a DSLR on a Telescope Mount

Someone was asking how they could mount their DSLR on a telescope mount such as an EQ3-2 or EQ5. I do this for my wide field images. Here’s how.

I have a short dovetail (about 15cm) to which I have mounted a Kood BH-05BQ ball-head camera mount using a standard 1/4″ UNC bolt as used for camera tripods. This ball-head mount has a quick release plate that I leave fixed to the camera. The dovetail clamps into the saddle of my EQ3-2 and then I just have to clip the camera into the QR mechanism. Using the ball-head makes for easier framing of shots than having to adjust the RA and DEC on the mount.

This is what the ball-head looks like on the dovetail:

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