Lifecam Saturn Montage

I spent some time last weekend capturing images of Saturn with my modded Lifecam using different SharpCap settings. This is a very different camera to use compared with the SPC900. There’s no direct control of gain, and the pixel size is almost half that of the SPC900. That didn’t actually lead to more detail being captured as to get sufficient light onto the sensor to get the camera working well enough I had to do without a barlow of any kind. Here’s a montage of the results. The first image is one taken three weeks ago with the SPC900. The others are all taken with the Lifecam with different saturation and brightness settings.

I’m really not sure I can consider myself at all happy with the performance of the Lifecam as yet. I think I need to wait until Jupiter is back in the sky later this year to do a good comparative test of the two cameras side-by-side. Otherwise, I think I’m done with planetary imaging for a while. Time for a break to do some DSO hunting and catch up on other astro jobs.

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